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Corporates looking to move some of its workforce on third party payroll across the different functions of the organization can make use of the Staffing and Employability Solutions of EduBridge. EduBridge can help with such requirement by managing scaling up and down of the business smoothly, focusing on Core business and can take up outsourced HR functions on EduBridge payroll. We have developed a strong, value-added, third-party payroll based, Staffing model that is focused on effective sourcing, training, deployment, payroll management and performance management and this workforce would be on EduBridge’s payroll.

EduBridge has formidable set of core strengths and expertise in Sourcing and Training and Operations Management with technology backbone and with relevant sector based experiences that are driven through quality, SOPs. EduBridge can leverage existing working relationships and experience and help setup shop to manage certain functions and get the apt candidates through in-house or other channels. This will eventually lead to achieving the intended business objectives with proper monitoring of the overall impact and benefits to your business.

A Custom Value Added Staffing Solution


4 Weeks
Training and Certification

8-12 Weeks

4 Weeks

1-2 Weeks
Payroll Management

As per requirement
Performance Management Re-skilling

As per requirement

Key Highlights

Tested Capabilities and Relevant
Leveraging Existing Setup and
Talent pool
Integrated Workflows for high
Effective Monitoring
Alignment in Objectives –
EduBridge and your organization
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